We’ve already discussed how to conduct yourself during an interview when difficult questions are thrown your way. Your responses may make or break getting that call back. However, you may not make it to the initial interview without a striking resume. Consider every time you submit an application, it serves as a first impression.

To feel confident in your job hunt, read our three crucial tips that will enhance your resume: 

  1. Tell a short story. Your resume should be more than a bullet list. While it’s important to communicate the relevant skills you possess, ensure your resume not only outlines the responsibilities you’ve held in past positions but also summarizes your expertise. In other words, provide a summary statement. These couples lines of text immediately convey your identity by describing past occupations, present expertise, and future expectations in a career. Think of a summary on the back of a novel. People generally skim through it before they make the commitment to read through the novel. Therefore, treat a summary statement in your resume similarly.
  2. Provide quantifiable information. While it’s easy to embellish your skills on a resume, stick to the ones you realistically have and give examples. Do this by including quantifiable accomplishments. Using themuse as an example, you could state, “Saving $125,000 on the overall project through a 30% decrease of staff allocation time.” By quantifying accomplishments using range, frequency and scale, you give recruiters more of an idea of the impact you’ve made on a company.
  3. Create an infographic resume. Every other article states it can make a resume stand out by giving readers recycled information. Unfortunately, the same old boring trends do everything but make you stand out. Instead of using a resume template on Microsoft Word like everyone and their mother, create an infographic resume to establish more of your identity. Your level of creativity may depend on your line of work. For those in the healthcare-related fields, we recommend keeping it simple such as the free templates on Hloom.

Applying to job after job and answering the same boring questions can be mindlessly frustrating. However, it’s easy to make mistakes so RNa Partners always reminds you to proofread!