Due to the technological advances in healthcare and the national threat of nurse shortages, challenges within nurse staffing are higher than ever.

According to a survey conducted by Avant Healthcare, 50 percent of hospitals have between 10 and 74 job openings to fill. With a high demand for nurses but an increasing shortage of nurses, how are healthcare organizations attracting their talent?

1. Targeting New Graduate RNs

As a key trend likely to last, most hospitals and healthcare organizations rely more on recent graduate RNs to fill open positions. According to a survey from Avant Healthcare, 78 percent of respondents said they will rely on new graduate RNs to fill the open positions.

Recent graduate RNs eagerly begin their career and grow into their skillset. Offering mentoring resources or additional education opportunities attract many nurses that focus on advancing their career.

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2. Partnering with Staffing Agencies

The nursing shortage initiated another key nurse staffing trend: using staffing agencies. Healthcare organizations seek out strategic partnerships with staffing agencies to fill the open nursing positions. Furthermore, a 2017 study from KPMG Hospital Nursing Labor Costs found contracted nursing costs less than hiring permanent nurses. Since 2018, hospitals that partner with staffing agencies to help hire talent has increased by 8 percent. Utilizing a staffing agency can help bridge the experience gap within nurse staffing.

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3. Cost-Effective Solutions

Hospitals executives strive to find the most cost-effective solutions for nurse staffing. According to Avant Healthcare, some hospital executives participated in the key trend in nurse staffing by moving away from hiring travel nurses. Due to their high pay of $70 per hour, executives want a more cost-effective soltution. Instead, they look into hiring nurses for temporary to permanent positions. Another cost-effective strategy is international nurse staffing due to the significantly less hourly bill rate in comparison to travel nurses.

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By leveraging recent graduate RNs, partnering with staffing agencies, and looking at a more cost-effective strategies, hospitals and healthcare organizations are able to staff their hospitals with the right candidates.

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