Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage our industry experience and market knowledge to pair the most talented healthcare professionals with the nation’s top healthcare facilities. Whatever your specific specialty or skill is, we can help.

RNa Partners is a rarity among healthcare staffing firms in that we focus exclusively on providing contingent direct-hire staffing support. This means we work to develop and deliver a strategic staffing plan that meets your hiring needs rather than offering travel/contract labor as a temporary fix. We assist our healthcare facilities with one-on-one guidance and provide your organization with an opportunity to save hundreds-of-thousands on travel nursing and interim management by providing a direct-hire permanent staffing solution. Our staffing executives are highly experienced, so they know first-hand how to screen beyond the clinical background to find the right candidate with the values and experience needed to become a long-term employee.

We rigorously screen and test each candidate before making any introductions. Then we continue to provide hands-on assistance throughout the entire hiring process, including facilitating interviews, providing salary guidance and following up to ensure the satisfaction of both parties.

Your Healthcare Partner

With RNa Partners as your healthcare recruiter, you have a partner who not only gets results, but one who’s easy to work with, is responsive to your needs and is always there for you.

RNa Partners provides access to the most innovative candidate sourcing solutions and staffing resources available. We leverage the latest in web and social media tools to gain a broad reach of passive and active job seekers, so we can quickly and efficiently identify the right candidate to suit your needs.