Our Mission

We leverage our industry knowledge to pair the most talented healthcare professionals with top healthcare facilities, regardless of what their specialty is.

smiling african american oncoology nurse with city background

Our Goal

We provide guidance to healthcare facilities and we help your organization find opportunities to acquire direct-hire permanent staffing solutions.

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Your Partner

We exclusively provide contingent staffing support, meaning we develop and deliver a strategic staffing plan that meets your hiring needs rather than temporary contract labor.

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The Origins Behind RNa.

RNA is one of three biological macromolecules that are necessary for all known forms of life. Registered nurses or RNs are similarly quintessential to the healthcare field as RNA is essential for life. Using these two acronyms, we created the name of our company: RNa Partners. It embodies the healthcare field by highlighting a common term everyone in the field is more than familiar with.
It also emphasizes a very important job in the industry. RNa Partners was thus founded with the core belief that healthcare is the fabric of our nation. We must continue to support the quality of healthcare by matching seasoned industry professionals to the right opportunities. Our ability to identify the specific skills and characteristics of leading candidates provides for immediate, long-term placements.


We strive to find you an employer with whom you can thrive and build a career. Unlike other recruiters, we give you personal attention throughout your job search.


With RNa Partners as your recruiter, you have a partner that delivers results, is easy to work with, and answers to your needs. You’re never just a number to us.

We are healthcare. We’ll take care of you.